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We've summarised the most important things that you need to know as a new student to help you get started including orientation activities, and where to go for help and advice.

Getting started at Victoria Polytechnic 

Preparing to start at Victoria Polytechnic can be a big change for many of our students. Find important information to help you get started with your studies.

Essential info

This induction information is designed to assist you with your study and experiences here at Victoria Polytechnic.


Victoria Polytechnic offers a range of orientation activities to help you which provide you with information for support services, campus tours and lots of fun activities.

Student charter

The student charter outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student here at Victoria Polytechnic. It is important for you to know your rights and responsibilities so that you are able to exercise them appropriately. 

Safety and Security

Our security & safety programs promote a safe, healthy campus for all. Find out what services are available to you, and what to do in the case of an emergency.

Online tools

Manage your course


Support & wellbeing

We offer you support for your studies, personal and other needs in a nurturing and caring environment, to help you make the most of your studies and time at Victoria Polytechnic.

Academic support & development


We can help you with your assignments and assessment tasks, maths, writing skills and English language support, as well as showing you effective ways to study and manage your time and preparation.

A quick summary of academic support:

Complaints resolution

Victoria Polytechnic has a Student Complaint Resolution policy to guide you through the steps you can take to resolve problems.

Find out more about the complaint resolution process, including suggestions for resolving the problem before making an official complaint.

Student advocacy

Every student has access to confidential advice, support and representation services from Student Advocacy.

Find out more about the services Student Advocacy offer, or call +61 3 9919 5400 to make an appointment.


Counselling services provides professional services designed to assist you as a student in your personal, psychological and social development.

Our staff support student academic success and provide counselling wellbeing resources.

Disability support

If you have a disability or medical condition that may impact upon your studies, Disability Services can support and assist you with our range of support and resources.

Disability support services at VPoly include academic and in-class support, facilitating alternative arrangements, library support, and access to specialist equipment and software.

There are also a range of off-campus external support services that may assist you with your studies and participation in university life.

Financial advice & assistance

If you are having a hard time financially we have professional staff who can provide you with financial advice & assistance with study and living costs.

Health & wellbeing advice

We can help you with different aspects of your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. We can provide confidential support to help you develop practical skills to better manage your time, money and personal issues. Our health adviser at VPoly can provide advice, information and referrals.

Housing & accommodation

Our Student Housing Service can provide you with free advice and assistance with housing & accommodation, including tenancy problems and your finances.

Information technology support

As a student, you have access to a rich collection of online resources, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which includes:

  • databases or material housed within the Library
  • student email
  • e-learning content for courses you are enrolled in
  • student software packages innovative social networking tools.

If you need specific help not available online you can contact the ITS service desk during opening hours.

Life on campus

Victoria Polytechnic aims to enrich your social and learning opportunities while studying as well as provide you with important information relating to your life on campus, including:

Jobs & placements

Prepare for your career and future after studying. Our industry placements prepare you with practical work experience during your course in a trade, industry profession or the community, while our career and job services provide employment opportunities and career advancement in many general and specialist areas.


During your time at VPoly you may be required to fill out a form related to your studies. We've put together a list of the most commonly used student forms.

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